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Air Purifying

Improperly installed heating equipment is a danger to you and your family. Zion Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to ensure safe and efficient function of your furnace so that you can stay warm and safe in the fall and winter months.  In addition to our routine service, we provide thorough checking of cleanliness,  carbon monoxide levels, and proper function of your furnace's safety features  to keep you and your family out of harm's way. A properly serviced furnace leads to more energy savings and less failures of your unit. If your furnace does fail, our technicians are highly skilled in heating repair as well as service. Give us a call or use our contact page today!

To residents of sunny Southern California, Air Conditioning and Cooling options are of utmost importance. Zion Heating and Air Conditioning prides itself with affordable options to meet all income levels. We service, repair, and install all types of air conditioning and cooling systems. The expertise of our technicians will ensure that your system will be running at peak performance at all times: keeping you cool and refreshed during the summer months when you need it most. Be sure to ask about our unique money-saving system. Don't delay, call us today!

Zion Heating and Air Conditioning is highly experienced in servicing, repairing, cleaning, and maintaining all types of HVAC systems. Our superior inspection system guarantees your HVAC system will be running efficiently, and in optimum performance. Service contracts are available, and recommended to prevent issues with your system in the future. Our maintenance contracts give you peace of mind. We will inform you when your service is due, and we pride ourselves on accommodating all of your scheduling needs. Call us for a tune up today!

Proper installation is key to having an efficient and  effective HVAC system. Our superior expertise, both technically and mechanically, allows for your newly installed system to run precisely to its designed specifications. We offer unique, money-saving systems that are not offered by most companies. Our commitment to excellence gives our customers confidence in a job done right.  Zion Heating and Air Conditioning offers free estimates for new system installation as well as highly competitive pricing. Please visit our contact page or call to schedule an appointment today.

With the growing number of indoor and outdoor pollutants, who doesn't want to breathe cleaner air in their own home? For those who may be suffering from allergies, respiratory ailments, or who have young children at home, air purifying and humidifying may be a necessity for your health and comfort. Zion Custom Air is experienced in installing the best Air Purifying and Humidification systems on the market, today. Zion Heating and Air Conditioning is committed to helping you keep your home dust and allergen free. We offer expert advice for your needs. Call us for a quote today!

We service all makes and models of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems including popular brands such as these: